Sunday, July 25, 2010

Google Calendar problem – arrrgh!

I recently moved from my pocket calendar to Google calendar for my reminders. I love the email and popup feature that is provided.

When I try to create an event from an email message [More Actions—> Create Event] I receive the following popup :-(


Friday, July 23, 2010

AT&T Reduced Rate Suspend (RRS) plan – the hidden feature

AT&T has been well known for hiding features that are free. When I log onto AT&T the most used letter would be $.

AT&T offers a Reduced Rate Suspension plan which will allow you to temporarily put your service on hold while you are away. Reduced Rate Suspend (RRS) allows you to voluntarily suspend your wireless service on a temporary basis for only $10.00 per month plus applicable tax.

Requirements for Reduced Rate Suspension (RRS) are: 
- At least 6 months tenure (based on the mobile number requesting the RRS, not account
- Your account must be in active status 
- Your account must not have a past due balance 
- If you have the Equipment Insurance feature, your mobile number is not eligible for RRS,
  unless you elect to remove the feature to take advantage of RRS. 
- Both voice and data rate plans are eligible for RRS.

Important Information to Know:
- Your account can be placed on RRS only one time during a rolling 12 month calendar, after
  meeting the six month tenure requirement (based on the mobile number requesting the RRS,    not account tenure).
  o Example: If you suspend on 12/15/06 and reinstate your service on 02/13/07, your
     account will be eligible for RRS on or after 12/15/07. 
- You may remain on RRS for a maximum of six consecutive months (180 days). After the six
  month period the regular rates are automatically resumed. No notification will be sent to
  you prior to the re-instatement. 
- You must contact customer care to reinstate service (prior to 180 days).
  o After the six month (180 day) period the full rate and service are automatically resumed. 
- RRS can only be applied once in a rolling 12 month period. 
- You are eligible for the same rate plan, as well as new promotions, upon return to an active
- RRS does not affect your Terms of Service or length of contract. 
- Rollover minutes will not accumulate while on RRS; however, existing banked rollover
  minutes that are scheduled to expire will still expire. 
- RRS will be made effective with the next bill cycle date following the receipt of your
- Customers must request RRS via Customer Care.

Billing While on RRS:
While on RRS, you will be charged a monthly access charge of $10.00. Additional charges may be billed to the account, including taxes, airtime, toll, roaming, etc. 
- Billable monthly feature charges will be suppressed and features will not need to be
- The invoice will show the $10.00 for the monthly recurring charges and applicable taxes. 
- Combined billing customers are eligible; however, the 10% discount will not be applied to the
  monthly service charges while on RRS. 
- Accounts that become delinquent will follow the normal collections treatment path. RRS
  does not relieve customers of their financial responsibility to make full payment of the
  amount due. 
- We offer many payment options, such as myWireless Account, payments in advance, and

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peoplecode highlighting in UltraEdit

It is easier to code when you can identify elements and if there is good indentation. I was helping a friend with Peoplecode and found this great script to enable Peoplecode highlighting in UltraEdit


Go to C:\Program Files\UltraEdit\WORDFILE.TXT OR the file in your  Advanced->Configuration


Take a backup of that file for rollback purposes

Add the code in at the end of the file and save

Paste PeopleSoft code in UltraEdit and then say View->View As->Peoplecode

Once you are done coding - copy back to Application Designer

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garmin Nuvi Review


As a part of completing my GPS reviews. I tested Garmin nuvi 1350T which has Lane Assist, Traffic updates, speaks street names and ecoRoute feature. According to my analysis, this was the weakest of the 3 GPS I have tested. Satellite connection and recalculation was poor.
Back to the quick review…

  1. To access traffic you are expected to go into a different interface. It is not integrated with directions!
  2. Does not allow to operate while driving
  3. Default configurations and initial setup is minimal
  4. Keeps track of fuel if you use eco route features
  5. Widescreen 4.3” and slim in design
  6. Excellent support for extra voices, car indicators etc
  7. Gives you speed limit on most roads (even internal and local streets)
  8. Clean interface
  9. Perfect calculation of time to destination
  10. “Where am I ?” feature
  11. Fluff includes:- JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, calculator
  1. Takes 4 hrs to update maps and software!
  2. Slow locating satellites
  3. Slow recalculation of routes
  4. Does not work in Tunnels. Turned off while I was driving inside a Boston tunnel
  5. Stopped out of a sudden when I was on an intersection and started recalculating
  6. Very sensitive to change in direction. Easily confused when operating without connecting to mount
  7. Huge font. If you add “Detailed Map view” the view is essentially just half of the screen
  8. Not very configurable screen
  9. Auto redirect if there is traffic. It did not even warn me that redirect is due to traffic
  10. I wasn't happy with default colors : purple,orange!!?? Although I believe this is configurable
  11. Surprisingly it needs user assistance to set correct time!
  12. In some models - traffic is ad supported
  13. Very low volume especially on battery
  14. Best detour options available. Allows you to avoid road block, part of the road, etc. Garmin has useless one detour option that sends you on different and usually much longer path
Garmin Specifications :-
Physical & Performance:
Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 4.8"W x 2.9"H x .6"D (12.2 x 7.5 x 1.6 cm)
Display size, WxH: 3.81"W x 2.25"H (9.7 x 5.7 cm); 4.3" diag (10.9 cm)
Display resolution, WxH: 480 x 272 pixels
Display type: WQVGA color TFT with white backlight
Weight: 5.7 ounces (161.6 g)
Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life: up to 4 hours
Waterproof: no
High-sensitivity receiver: yes
Maps & Memory:
Basemap: yes
Preloaded street maps: yes
Ability to add maps: yes
Built-in memory: internal solid state
Accepts data cards: microSD™ card (not included)
Waypoints/favorites/locations: 1000
Routes: 0
Voice prompts (e.g. "Turn right in 500 ft."): yes (internal speaker)
Speaks street names (e.g. "Turn right ON ELM STREET in 500 ft."): yes
Voice-activated navigation (operate device with spoken commands): no
Lane assist (guides you to the proper lane for navigation): yes
trafficTrends™ (calculates routes based on predicted traffic flow): no
myTrends™ (predicts routes based on user's navigation behavior): no
3-D building view (displays buildings in 3-D): no
Auto sort multiple destinations (provides most direct route): no
Auto re-route (fast off-route and detour recalculation): yes
Choice of route setup (faster time, shorter distance, off road): yes
Route avoidance (avoid highways, tolls etc.): yes
Bluetooth® wireless technology: no
Garmin nüLink! Services: (receive accurate real-time travel information): no
FM traffic compatible: yes (receiver and lifetime traffic included)
MSN® Direct compatible: yes
XM® compatible for U.S: no
Speed limit indicator (displays speed limit for most major roads in the U.S. and Europe): yes
Where Am I? (find closest hospitals, police & gas stations, nearest address & intersection): yes
Garmin Locate™ (marks position when removed from windshield mount): no
ecoRoute™ (calculates a more fuel-efficient route) : yes
Qwerty or ABC keyboard (choose keyboard layout): yes
Custom POIs (ability to add additional points of interest): yes
Garmin Garage™ vehicles compatible (download car-shaped icons to your device): yes
Garmin Garage™ voices compatible (download custom voices to your device): yes
Photo navigation (navigate to geotagged photos): yes
World travel clock, currency & unit converter, calculator: yes
Picture viewer: yes
MP3 player: no
Audio book player: no
FM transmitter: no
Headphone jack/audio line-out: no
Garmin Lock™ (anti-theft feature): yes
Touchscreen: yes
Dead reckoning: no
Motorcycle-friendly: no
Trucking-friendly: no
Geocaching-friendly: no
Marine-friendly: no
Additional: This USB mass storage device is compatible with Windows® 2000 or later and Mac® OS X 10.4 or later.
What's in the Box:
  • nüvi 1350
  • Preloaded City Navigator® NT North America (U.S. and Canada) or Europe (full coverage)
  • Lifetime traffic
  • FM traffic receiver with vehicle power cable (indicated by "T" after model number on the box)
  • Vehicle suction cup mount
  • Dashboard disc
  • Quick start manual

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Data closet

Before cleaning up the data closet:-

Before closeup




Thursday, July 01, 2010

TV Reviews

I had a chance to go through some TVs recently during my visit to stores like BestBuy, Walmart, BJs, Target and also some online stores.
Since I was more interested in comparing LED and Plasma I did not look at LCDs. The features I looked for included mid-range 40-50”, color balance, energy efficient, viewing distance, refresh rate, contrast ratio, resolution, connectivity, reasonable price. Two striking brands that dominated the LED range were Samsung 5000-8000 series and Sony NX and EX series. In the plasmas, Panasonic Viera G and S series had no competition. I feel any of these TVs are really good and offered at good price. It is very difficult to zoom down on the perfect model. For lower end economy brands, I would suggest giving Vizio E470VA and M470NV a chance. Vizio has beautiful picture quality at an amazing price which got me into two minds.
My research further veered into Sony and Samsung LED TVs. Samsung still has a lot of 2009 B8000 models from last year which are being sold at a discount rate as compared to 2010 C8000 models – the only difference being internet connectivity. Here are more details of my in-store and online research:-

Samsung UNB8000 2009 model
  1. Good connectivity
  2. Quick Setup
  3. Sleek Design (1 inch)
  4. Comparatively lighter than other models
  5. USB connections
  6. Motion sensor on remote that lights the remote
  7. Preset video & audio options
  8. Many open box models available as of Jun 2010
  9. 240 Hz refresh rate – but do you really need it?
  10. Ultra Clear antireflective screen
  11. Internet@TV capable (Yahoo widgets)
  12. Built in Ethernet
  13. Energy Star 3.0 compatible
  1. No wifi
  2. Comparatively Expensive
  3. Color balance is not good
  4. Yellow color is not displayed correctly
  5. No S-video
  6. No PC audio In
  7. No buttons on TV. Need remote
  8. No connectivity cables included
CNET Review :

Sony Bravia KDLEX700 LCD with LED backlit
  1. Good Price