Saturday, December 14, 2013

Book Review : Instant Responsive Web Design [Instant] - Cory Simmons

Quick and to the point 

RWD is short introduction to designing responsive web pages. It includes start code, some best practices and lots of pointers to information that will help you learn more about responsive web. It is written in a simple and clear manner keeping it short and to the point. The author focuses on the main point and you can read this book and try out lots of code in a day.

Some examples of what is covered in the book:
1. media queries like max-width, braille, handheld
2. screen, print interface
3. Different strategies to make responsive websites
Goldilocks Approach
The Fluid Approach
4. Design aspects
Desktop first v Mobile first
5. Media
Images and Movie responsive

Table of Contents
Instant Responsive Web Design
Instant Responsive Web Design
So, what is Responsive web design (RWD)?
Getting started
Quick start – making your first responsive web page
Step 1 – creating an HTML page
Step 2 – adding a stylesheet
Step 3 – making it responsive
Top 5 features you need to know about
The power of CSS Media Queries
Media types
Logical operators
Different strategies to make responsive websites
The Goldilocks approach
The Fluid approach
Desktop-first versus Mobile-first
Gotchas and best practices
Putting it all together
People and places you should get to know

Download code :
Link to book :

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